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digg Q&A Becomes an Audience with Ming the Merciless
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posted by sysrpl on Thursday May 11, 2006 1:09 AM

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When did asking our government officals questions move into the fantasy realm of seeking an audience with Ming the Merciless?

During a Q&A session last Thursday, 27-year CIA veteran Ray McGovern asked Donald Rumsfeld some tough questions. When it became obvious that Mr. McGovern was not a Rumsfeld supporter, security attempted to remove him from the building. The media has reported this as people who are challenging Rumsfeld are becoming "unusually hostile".

Pardon me? So the citizens who speak up, and are man-handled in return are called the hostile ones?

McGovern asks Rumsfeld a few questions

Later that night Mr. McGovern was interviewed by CNN’s Paula Zahn. Zahn framed McGovern’s tough questions as the act of a "hostile war critic". She posed leading questions that criticized McGovern and defended Rumsfeld.

Did you go to this speech today with the intent of challenging Secretary Rumsfeld?

How much of an ax do you have to grind with Secretary Rumsfeld?

Donald Rumsfeld encouraged whoever I think had their hands on you at the time to let you stay there. Does he get any credit for that today?

McGovern talks to CNN's Paula Zahn

McGovern ably defended himself, educating Zahn that this was "not a matter of axes to grind. It’s a matter of telling the truth. And we pledged, in my day at the CIA, to tell it without fear or favor, to tell it like it is. And, when I see that corrupted, that is the real tragedy of this whole business."

So much for media's liberal bias theory. If the media actually did their job, we wouldn’t need comedians and Ex-CIA officers to ask these questions.


Jon Stewart did a round up of the news media and how they responded to McGovern. Notice after Rumsfeld denies saying he told us where WMD's were in Iraq, Jon plays the tape of Rummy telling us exactly the opposite.

Jon Stewart's take on the media coverage

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