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posted by sysrpl on Friday August 17, 2007 10:10 PM

hat do you think of this idea? A business I developed software for was creating data entry centric applications with a big ugly yellow background color following the keyboard focus. I decided in my own time to come up with a simpler, application wide, customizable, and prettier implementation of the same concept.

Per some of your suggestions, the class has been updated to allow for optional color outline highlights of varying thickness and offset. A thickness of zero means the highlight is solid, while greater values changes the thickness of the outline.

Usage: To use focus tracker simply add "FocusTools" to your uses clause then add code to adjust its settings:

  FocusTracker.Enabled := True;
  FocusTracker.Color := clHighlight;
  FocusTracker.Opacity := $7F;
  FocusTracker.Blur := 2;
  FocusTracker.Border := 2;
  FocusTracker.Radius := 12;
  FocusTracker.Thickness := 3;

After you have the properties set to your liking call:


Which forces FocusTracker to update changes. That's all there is to it.
The demo pictured above is available here if you don't quite grasp the concept. Feedback is appreciated.

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