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posted by sysrpl on Tuesday October 24, 2006 7:23 AM

Mookie wrote me asking who the Ed McMahon type character was my last video. His name is Barney Frank, and he is the democratic representative from Massachusetts's 4th congressional district. I put together another video compilation, this time focusing in on representative Frank. He has quite a memorable way with words, and I thought you might enjoy listening to expert an wordsmith.

Also, because this video is somewhat long (25 minutes), I am hosting it myself. This may cause problems for some of you, so I included instructions and a direct video download link after the embedded player for convenience.

Bill Maher's Round Table.

If you are using Firefox and are having problems viewing the video below, try installing the official Windows Media Player plugin:
If you are still having problems here is a direct link to the video:
direct video download (wmv format)

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