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posted by sysrpl on Monday August 14, 2006 5:57 PM

Future Pinball is a free real time pinball development system, allowing you to design and play your very own pinball simulation in true real time 3D. It uses advanced physics to provide the best possible simulation of a true to life pinball machine.

One such pinball simulation, by a group under the name Pinball World, is Road Girls

Road Girls stand as a shining example of what can be done with the Future Pinball engine. It is a virtual emulation of an authentic original pinball table design. Road Girls allowed its creator to verify the viability and diversion of their design, and for that reason Road Girls does not have to be considered a simulation.

Those sentiments belong to an independent designer who's been able to make reality out of one of his illusions: to construct his own one in a million pinball machine. The platform selected for the emulation of the table has been Future Pinball.

In a long interview, the creator of Road Girls commented that at no moment did he consider the project a "computer game". To him it was the validation of the design of an authentic machine. Asked further if he struggled with any of the the steps in the creation of the table, he replied with a smile that he very much enjoyed creating Road Girls.

Below is a short video of the table which you are free to download and play.

Road Girls Pinball

  1. Future Pinball 15Mb program download
  2. Road Girls
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