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digg The Incredibles Pinball
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posted by sysrpl on Friday April 28, 2006 12:22 PM

Update: I've completed the lower table layout. Here is a comparision of layout in Visual to Future Pinball.

This is The Incredibles pinball table I started designing last summer using Visual Pinball. I want to complete it in Future Pinball now that Future Pinball has been released and supports ramps properly. You can download the incomplete Visual Pinball version here if you want to modify, copy, or play around with it.

For the curious, the reason this table wasn't finished in Visual Pinball was because I realized late in the development the ramps and left/right loops were much too narrow making them difficult to hit. They were makeable, but the table didn't flow in a fun way. Fixing the problem would have meant basically starting over. When considering the narrow ramp problems along with the droolish visuals Future Pinball was promising, I decided to suspend the project until Future Pinball was released.

If you're interested to forming a team to recreate this table proper using Future Pinball, drop me a note below.

New Future Pinball Lower Playfield Screen

Old Visual Pinball Screens

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