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digg How and Why Dreamworks Steals from Disney
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posted by sysrpl on Sunday April 9, 2006 9:30 PM

For those of you noticing that Disney's new movie The Wild looks suspiciously like a Dreamwork's Madagascar, here is the reason: The head of Dreamworks animation, Jeff Katzenberg, was the former head of The Walt Disney Company's film studios.

Jeff Katzenberg was the head Disney's film studios, but was forced to resign in 1994. Katzenberg was really pissed about this. At the suggestion of a friend, he made an agreement with Steven Speilberg and David Geffen to start the movie studio SKG (Speilberg, Katzenberg, Geffen) Dreamworks.

As the head of Disney film studios, Katzenberg left Disney with intimate knowledge of all of their future film plans. He also had important contacts at Disney. Katzenberg plan was revenge, and to fufill his goal he decided to steal Disney's ideas.

First there was the movie about a colony of ants called A Bug's Life which he stole and rebranded as Antz.

After that there was a movie with a big monster as a central character, Monsters Inc., which inspired Katzenberg to create Shrek. Notice in Shrek all the jokes made at the expense of Disney.

Then Disney had an undersea adventure called Finding Nemo. Again Katzenberg copied the backdrop and produced A Shark Tale.

Which brings us to The Wild. Katzenberg actually stole the idea from Disney and had it in theaters, in the form of Madagascar, almost a year before The Wild was released.

So there you have it. Jeff Katzenberg has wanted to hurt Disney in bitter retaliation for having been fired. To this end, he started his own animation studio and attempted revenge by stealing from his former em

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People should start boycotting them!
I've watched everything from Pixar and Dreamworks.
There's one more rip-off you might want to add to your list:
The squirrel on Over the Hedge (the only character with any personality on the movie) was copy-pasted from Hoodwinked (Weinstein Company). I mean, they copied entire scenes, like the coffee-drinking anedocte. And what's even more shocking is not only does Dreamworks suck at story-telling and character development, they actually suck at the best thing they do: robbing other peoples ideas. Because even with all the attention given to the squirrel character in terms of screen-time, the small roll it had on hoodwinked was a lot more entertaining!
Godard used to say "It's not where you take things from, it's where you take them to" and i do subscribe to that. All of mankind's creation is an act of selective borrowing and transformation. But that's where SKG fails miserably. All they care about is making money by releasing over-hyped under-achieving animated movies, filled with badly casted voice-actors, empty plots and crappy jokes, targeted at parents who'll take their kids (ticket combos) to watch a movie not meant for kids.

In the end, they can steal all they want from other companies, their movies will allways pale in comparison. They'll never be able to copy something made with heart and devotion to an ideal, with care for the story being told and attention to detail, they'll never be able to copy authenticity!
Just hope more people knew about this, so i wouldn't have to preach. :P
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lifemare said on Tuesday February 17, 2009 12:06 AM


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