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Coronavirus Mask Comments
posted by sysrpl on Tuesday June 30, 2020 8:34 PM

oday in my county there was a hearing open to the public about rules for mask requirements. After listening to the public comments for a while I had to just turn off the live stream. Everyone speaking against wearing masks was either being too dishonest or stupid to the point of being painful to watch.

To save you the trouble, I took notes when each person against the masks proposal spoke. For the time I listened here is a summary of what each anti mask person said in the order they spoke without any speaker being left out. There was maybe 1 pro mask speaker for every 5 anti mask speakers at the meeting during the time I listened to the public comments.
Also, about public comments on cloth masks (non N95), the purpose of these common reusable cloth masks you might wear are not to prevent you from contracting covid-19. If covid-19 is in the air they won't stop the virus from getting through.

BUT, and this is key, if people who may have covid-19 wear cloth masks, the mask will stop the larger droplets from aerosolizing as they leave their mouth and nose, greatly reducing the distance the virus travels and hence its ability to spread so easily.

In summary, cloth masks and similar facial coverings are not meant to protect you from getting the virus, they are meant to stop people who have the virus from spreading it to you.

Video: Public Comments on Masks

So in the end unfortunately my county decided to not mandate masks for certain businesses, and also to not ask businesses to post signs recommended the wearing of masks.

Summary of anti mask comments at the public hearing