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A Collapsing Ecosystem Stinks
posted by sysrpl on Wednesday March 23, 2016 3:30 PM

he stench is nearly unbearable. When an entire ecosystem collapses you're left with the smell of twenty of million of rotting corpses.

This week has been terrible for central Florida's east coast. In recent weeks a plague unlike anything we've ever seen has ravaged the Indian and Banana river lagoon system. According to Wikipedia this network of ocean and estuary rivers was once the most bio-diverse ecological system in the world. Home and Gardens even picked Merritt Island, bordering both the Indian and Banana river, as the location for their 2016 Dream Home.

Video: Phone Call Interview

Video: Diagram, Photos, and Protesters

It's unknown if the lagoon will be able to recover from a total collapse of its food chain. Crabs are beginning to line the shores to feast upon the corpses before they themselves succumb to disease and eventual oxygen deprivation. Rays are gathering in the shallows by the thousands before they beach themselves on the shore. Meanwhile the stench is growing more pungent as each day passes.