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Phun with Gears
posted by sysrpl on Wednesday March 5, 2008 3:01 AM

Phun Gear Creator is a simple unofficial ad-on for Phun the program. For those you you that haven't tried Phun yet, it's a sandbox physics simulator/game written by Emil Ernerfeldt for his Masters thesis in computer science.

Gear Creator augments Phun, and the latest version adds a bunch of new features. First, you can now open, view, edit, and save phn files. You can also export phn files to xml, and visually edit their contents.

In the new layout window you can pan, rotate, and scale your work using the mouse and one of three input modes. Also, there is multi level undo, redo, and a zoom to all option. I'm pretty happy with the progress on Phun Gear Creator so far, and have a lot of plans for the future!


Phun file loading is now more robust. Also, I added these keyboard shortcuts:

Double clicking the layout window = stamp your gear/rack
Ctrl + 1 = Pan mode
Ctrl + 2 = Rotate mode
Ctrl + 3 = Scale mode
Ctrl + A = Zoom All
Ctrl + Left = Prior Zoom
Ctrl + Right = Next Zoom
Ctrl + Z = Undo
Ctrl + Shift + Z = Redo
To familiarize yourself with new interface try the following:
Run Gear Creator
Press the open button in the toolbar and browse to a phn file
Edit your gear settings
Click and drag in the layout window to move your gear around
Change input mode to rotate by clicking the rotate toolbar button
You can now spin your gear in the layout window dragging the mouse
When you are satisfied, press stamp the gear to place it into the scene
Add more gears or save the file by clicking the save button in the toolbar
Optionally you can export any phn file to xml by selecting the xphn file format
Go into Phun, load you phn file, and now you have much more precise gears!
Send me you thoughts, links to scene files, and videos.

Oh and one final note: The next version will be called a different name and have a different homepage (it won't be limited to gears). It will feature a full node editing system and polygon clipping operations (union, intersection, difference). I'll also be working on a multiple document interface which will allow users to visually cut, copy and paste geometry between scenes.

Thanks Again!

download Click here to download the latest version of Phun Gear Creator

Old screenshot for referencescreenshot