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posted by sysrpl on Sunday November 8, 2020 4:32 PM

hile Joe Biden was not my first choice as Democratic nominee for the 2020 presidential race, I will happily welcome him in place of the corruption-abetting, conspiracy-theorizing, reality-denying, pussy-grabbing, hate-spewing, "white power!" tweeting, falsehood factory that currently resides in the Oval Office. For the record, my first choice for the nomination would have been either Bernie Sanders or our next Vice President.

One of the areas where I happen to differ with the President-Elect is his oft-repeated, noble and yet naive belief that Americans want to unite and work together in the spirit of common purpose. For the past 30+ years I've watched, mostly quietly, while the Republican Party has irretrievably descended into a universe of lies, hate and conspiracy theories.

They have painted their political opponents as enemies of America, communists, race traitors and blood drinking pedophiles. They gin up massive levels of hatred over fictional caravans of criminal, disease-riddled immigrants, "global elites" (((JOOOOS))) and characterize activists for equal rights as "sluts" or "thugs." Once upon a time, they told us that the United Nations was amassing an invasion army along the Canadian border to impose a "one world order" by force. They print and distribute "liberal hunting permits" and t-shirts with classy, witty slogans like "fark Your Feelings" and "No More Bullshiat" and "Trump That biatch" and "Hillary Sucks But Not Like Monica." They shout lies about the deaths of Vince Foster and Seth Rich merely to cast false suspicions upon their political opponents. When they can't find evidence of wrong-doing by those opponents, they make up "evidence" about sinister-sounding servers and emails and laptops.

They wear band-aids on their fat chins with tiny, sparkly purple hearts to mock soldiers who were injured fighting in America's wars. They claim to love the military while cutting funding for the Veteran's Administration. They elevate leaders who denigrate POWs and war vets as "suckers and losers." They deliberately cripple regulatory agencies designed to secure our elections. They intentionally hobble agencies and bureaucrats who provide oversight and accountability against government waste and abuse. They empower business to abuse the environment and enslave working people. They wave around gigantic TRUMP flags and Confederate flags and Nazi flags and bastardized American flags - drained of all color except a single blue stripe meant to symbolically divide the country between "us" and "them." They sling the word "antifa" like an insult while never pointing out that it's a contraction of "anti-fascist." One can only surmise that fascists are somehow the good guys in what passes for their minds. I have to wonder if the Nazis were the heroes in the movies they watched growing up. They insert fake words into the mouths of disabled people for campaign ads. They parrot disinformation about New York abortion laws.

And then...without a trace of irony...they ask US to be civil.

They feign offense when they're called out on their bad behavior. When they're not screaming "white power," in Trump parades, they just wink and nod if caught flashing white power symbols. You're the real racist for noticing, after all. They cry crocodile tears for their much beloved, imagined version of America. The America where women and minorities knew their rightful place. The America where slavery was "a necessary evil." The America where gays and lesbians lived out their lives in the closet. An America where the separation of church and state never supposedly existed. An America where freedom of religion applies only to Christianity. An America where the President is granted unlimited, unchecked power. The America where only land-owning white men could vote. They "joke" about the "mistake" of giving the vote to women and 18 year olds. They vociferously oppose any effort to make voting easier or more convenient. They prop up fake "candidates" like Kanye West and then accuse others of suppressing the "black vote" when they're presented with a legal challenge.

They stir up idiotic outrage and fake controversies and weep about how oppressed they are on Fox News and One America Network and Breitbart and NewsMax and WorldNet Daily and Project Veritas and The Blaze and innumerable Facebook groups and Twitter feeds and YouTube channels and LBRY videos and InfoWars and Glenn Greenwald and biatchute and Gab and Parler and 4Chan and radio stations from coast to coast. They willfully parrot Russian propaganda devised to corrode public faith in our government, our elections and any experienced leaders who might be wise to their corruption. They abuse the First Amendment to pick the pockets of the gullible in the name of "political fundraising" and fight any attempts to reform how campaigns are funded. They abuse the Second Amendment by encouraging lunatics armed with weapons of war to storm state houses and intimidate lawmakers if they had the temerity to mandate public health measures that could have saved a quarter million American lives. They threaten epidemiologists with death for telling the truth about how diseases spread. They print and distribute fake "mask exemption cards" from fake federal agencies. They think that using military helicopters to harass peaceful protestors is "cool."

They disingenuously scream about how we are a republic and not a democracy. They claim without evidence that democracy leads to "tyranny." They claim with zero evidence that counting votes is a liberal conspiracy, that climate science is also a liberal conspiracy and that doctors inflate Covid death figures for cash. They claim with zero evidence that Covid was manufactured in a Chinese laboratory. They tell the public that global warming is a Chinese hoax and that wind turbines cause cancer. They hawk untested medicines and suggest that maybe injecting bleach could cure Covid. They describe public education as a shadowy cabal of "government schools." They sell cabinet-level positions to campaign donors and grant them to industry lobbyists. They funnel public cash into private pockets at every opportunity while fighting any efforts at reform. The National Rifle Association openly launders Russian mob cash and then routes the money into Republican political campaigns. They shack up with literal Russian spies and cry foul when the FBI starts to ask questions. Republican senators proudly spent a Fourth of July holiday in Moscow.

They tell us, without evidence, that more guns in more hands makes society safer and more polite. They then suppress any efforts to study the correlation between widespread gun ownership and mass murders. They tell us that the key to making schools more safe is to turn them into kiddie prisons. They tell us that the victims and families of school shootings never existed or that they're "crisis actors." They scribble spicy memes on their rifles before shooting up synagogues and mosques.

Deplorable doesn't even begin to describe them. They wear the word like a badge of honor. These people are utter filth - human garbage. They are the moral sewer dwellers of America. If any of the above describes you, dear reader, and you find yourself offended, good. Though I doubt very much you'll do either, try to make an effort to improve yourself and stay the hell out the voting booth forever. It's beyond time to stop being polite with fascists. This is where Joe Biden and myself disagree. A tolerant society cannot tolerate intolerance. You can't reason with people incapable of reason. You cannot calmly discuss facts with people who are stupid enough to conflate facts and opinions or facts and horse-shiat. That which can be stated without evidence, can and should be dismissed without evidence. There is no such thing as compromise with racists and genocidal maniacs. There can be no American unity with people who are proudly, willfully ignorant of American values. You cannot educate idiots. They elected, supported and defended a vain, weak, dim-witted, mean-spirited, vile imbecile to lead America in 2016. Their civic sense is less than worthless. Radical right wing filth can fark OFF into the dustbin of history where they belong. The sooner reasonable Americans like Joe Biden and others realize this, the better off we will be as a country.

These are just the most outrageous items that I can recall off the top of my head. I realize I've barely begun to touch on questions of policy. This is because Republicans, by and large, are no longer interested in questions of policy. They are interested in power and authority over others purely for their own sakes - oversight and checks and balances and democracy itself be damned. To hell with these intellectually and morally bankrupt weasels. They are not deserving of a seat at the proverbial table and their "ideas" are completely unworthy of any serious consideration.

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