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digg Who asked Flynn to call the Russian Ambassador?
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posted by sysrpl on Friday April 19, 2019 11:58 AM

've been waiting for the Muller report to find one single fact.

Who asked Michael Flynn to call the Russian ambassador and negotiate no retaliation in response to the Obama administration imposing new sanctions on Russia?

These new sanctions were meant to punish Russia for interfering in the 2016 election and including seizing a property in the US known to have been used by Russian assets to organize disruptive campaigns. Obama also expelled a list of known Russian operatives from the US.

Shortly after Michael Flynn called the Russian ambassador, while Obama was still the president, and negotiated a tailored response from Russian, Donald Trump tweeted something to the effect of "I always knew Russia was smart".

We all know by now the Michael Flynn was caught lying to the FBI about this phone call and has been providing information to Mueller and other investigators.

But the big question remains, why did Flynn call the Russian ambassador in the first place? Is this something he decided to do independently of his own volition without telling anyone in the campaign about it? Or more likely did someone (Trump) ask him to make the phone call and hatch a plan with Russia?

Any reasonable person ought to believe that Mueller asked Flynn this very question, perhaps multiple times, and it seems Flynn has been providing the investigators with cooperative answers for quite a while now.

So why doesn't the version of the Mueller report Barr released have an answer to this very relevant and potentially damming question? And why have't the media that have been pouring over this report been asking this same question?

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